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T5 Spinal Cord Injury Patient Andrew - Epidural Stimulation

Good to See You Again Andrew

He’s done it again! Andrew Bell has managed to achieve one more time one of his goals and that is to return to Thailand for medical treatment with the objective of helping him regain complete and total mobility in his lower limbs.

Our dear friend, is just about to take the next step in his journey. This time he will spend a few months at our Partner Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. After previously undergoing the epidural stimulation procedure with us, helping him recover tremendously from his spinal cord injury, Andrew is very much looking forward to the improvements he will gain with his second visit to the Land of Smiles.

“I am over the moon that I am now financially in a position to go back. I will fly on October 19 and stay out there until February next year, it will be a big stint of rehab so hopefully it will get me where I want to be”

Mr. Bell has already managed to improve tremendously following his epidural stimulation treatment, which has allowed him to stand up for the first time since his traffic accident. For those new to this treatment, epidural stimulation involves the application of a continuous electrical current to specific locations on the lower part of the patient’s spinal cord. This is achieved with the implantation of a small device, which is wired up to the spinal cord and controlled externally by a remote control.

Photo credit: www.chroniclelive.co.uk

Photo credit: www.chroniclelive.co.uk

During his imminent trip back to our facilities, Andrew will undergo intensive physical therapy that will hopefully help him walk on his own with the use of crutches. He is currently able to do so, but only for short distances. His aim is to increase the length and the amount of time he can march by himself.

Andrew is determined to improve as much as he can and he has set himself a deadline:

“I am determined to run the Great North Run in 2018. I’ve got two years. I think I will reach that goal. It has been hard work but I am determined. This is a challenge to me, this is just one more thing for me to tackle. I was fit and healthy, I had run half marathons”

At Unique Access Medical we have no doubt that Andrew Bell will achieve each and every single one of his goals. Ever since his accident, he has been able to prove all the naysayers wrong and has become an inspiration for thousands. We couldn’t be happier to help him one more time and to be an active participant in his recovery.

It is great to see you again our dear friend!

H/T: Chronicle

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