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Andrew Bell Treatment - Epidural Stimulation

Spinal Cord Injury Marathon Runner Returns To Bangkok

In 2015, Andrew Bell was involved in an accident that left him with a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI), having him paralysed from the chest down. Choosing Epidural Stimulation operation as the best forms of treatment for him, Andrew made a trip to Thailand for the treatments. He now returns to Bangkok, from his hometown England, for further treatment and rehabilitation, a process he’s dedicated the next four months to.

While riding his motorcycle, Andrew was hit by a negligent driver. The accident was, undoubtedly, a shattering moment for the 29 year old, considering the fact that he had always led an active lifestyle and found fulfilment in running marathons.

Soon after the accident, he had two metal rods inserted into his spine, and, after three days, was informed that it was highly unlikely for him to ever walk again.

Refusing to accept this as his fate, he contacted Unique Access Medical in Thailand and upon consultation, agreed to pursue the Epidural Stimulation operation. Andrew’s initial results were impressive and like many patients before him, he was able to regain control of his legs after just a few days.

Fully aware that the road to recovery is a long and uneasy one, Andrew takes the good days as well as the bad in his stride, quite often remaining jovial and enthusiastic. However, being exceptionally fit, ambitious and mentally optimistic have certainly helped Andrew in his recovery process.

Andrew’s story, which has made news around the UK, continues to inspire and encourage many. He now returns to Bangkok, strong-willed and determined to have the best results possible after his four months period in the Land of Smiles. He also hopes to achieve his goal of completing a marathon before the end of 2017, even if, as he says, “it takes me 24 hours.”

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