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T6 Spinal Cord Injury

Brinston was left paralysed after he and his friends were hit by a car in Spain, the country in which he grew up.

The carelessness and complete irresponsibility of the drunk driver behind the wheel of the vehicle that evening in Spain, resulted in Brinston’s life dramatically changing. He was left as the only survivor from this fateful and tragic accident.

Despite suffering a T6 spinal cord injury as a result of the incident and having to get used to life in a wheelchair quickly, Brinston remained upbeat and optimistic that there would be a treatment available to help improve his quality of life and regain mobility.

After learning about Epidural Stimulation and Andrew Bell’s story, 19-year old Brinston was certain that this treatment offered the greatest potential to allow him to achieve the improvements he desired.

He travelled to Bangkok in late 2016 to undergo the Epidural Stimulation procedure in combination extensive rehabilitation.

In this video, Brinston describes his experience during treatment and offers a message to others who may be considering Epidural Stimulation.

Brinston’s Progress

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