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40th Epidural Stimulation Surgery Milestone - Epidural Stimulation

Epidural Stimulation Milestone Reached by Unique Access Medical

As far as milestones go, it’s the 1st, 50th, and 100th that usually get the publicity, but we’re not talking about anniversaries or birthdays here. We’re talking about a remarkable accomplishment in the treatment of severe spinal cord injuries (SCI).

This week, Unique Access Medical (UAM) performed its 40th successful Epidural Stimulation surgery, which is an achievement in itself — but it’s especially worthy of celebration given our position as forerunner and sole provider of this leading-edge spinal treatment.

In that sense, we are indeed unique: While our colleagues in the field of neurology are still spinning their wheels with studies, trials, and FDA bureaucracy in the pursuit of a cure for paraplegia and quadriplegia, UAM is successfully treating patients — and time after time, their research is confirmed by our results. Forty times, to be exact.

Epidural Stimulation Surgery with 40 patients worldwide

Success Stories

Forty patients having received Epidural Stimulation surgery is one thing, but the gains they’ve made in motor and sensory function previously deemed impossible by their physicians and therapists is what has the SCI community so enthusiastic.

Going back to April, 2016, when UAM treated it’s first patient — a Canadian male aged 39 who had suffered a C6/7 injury from a traumatic accident — spinal cord patients from all over the world have been coming to Thailand for Epidural Stimulation.

And depending on the individual, by the time their surgery and 35-day post-op recovery were complete, they had wiggled their toes, extended their legs, stood up straight, taken steps with assistance, or taken control of bowel or bladder function for the first time since their injuries.

Safety Record

Our motivation for celebration today — patient #40, a nineteen-year-old American male who sustained a T6 injury from a fall — has already had his Epidural Stimulation device implanted and is now receiving physiotherapy.

He is one of a handful of Americans who have visited our state-of-the-art tertiary care hospital in Bangkok, but patients have come for treatment from all over the world: 17 countries in all, from Argentina to Australia to Nepal, with injuries both complete and incomplete.

And as thrilled as we are to publicize the number of patients we’ve treated, and that 100% of them are experiencing results, it is the fact that 40 people from different walks of life now have one thing in common: They’re SCI patients feeling renewed hope without adverse side effects.

Spreading the Word

As the FDA continues a 36-patient feasibility study to measure Epidural Stimulation’s potential, Unique Access Medical is working on treating patient #41. And while it’s fantastic that the word is out about this breakthrough procedure and the progress being made, we’re not satisfied yet.

The goal of UAM’s surgeons, therapists, administration staff, and publicists isn’t simply to reach milestones; it is to change the paradigm for spinal cord injury patients. Forty and counting is a fine start, but there’s plenty more progress to be made, starting with sharing.

UAM intends to publish our own follow-up data on Epidural Stimulation surgery and recovery, and there’s plenty more inspiration to be found on our testimonials page. Join us there in celebrating the improved quality of life experienced by our patients and their families.

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