Epidural Stimulation Now Patients

Epidural Stimulation Now Patient Testimonials

The Epidural Stimulation device, a revolutionary treatment for spinal cord injury, has given our patients some remarkable results. Some share their story here. Each patient has generously said they are willing to answer questions from other SCI sufferers. Please contact us for more information.

Spinal Cord Injury Patient Andrew



T5 Spinal Cord Injury


In May 2015, Andrew suffered a spinal cord injury after a negligent driver hit his motorcycle.


Despite being told by doctors in the UK that he would never walk again, Andrew was determined to achieve a different outcome. After learning about Epidural Stimulation, Andrew travelled to Bangkok later that year to undergo the procedure.

Andrew's Story
C7 Spinal Cord Injury Patient Isaac - Epidural Stimulation



C7 Spinal Cord Injury


Four years ago Isaac was left paralysed from the waist down following a diving accident in his native Canada.


After researching options that could help improve his quality of life, he discovered Epidural Stimulation and after speaking to one of our patient representatives, he was soon on his way to Bangkok to start his treatment.

Isaac's Story
Spinal Cord Injury Patient Brinston



T6 Spinal Cord Injury


After being hit by a car driven by a drunk driver, Brinston was left paralysed from the waist down with a T6 spinal cord injury.


In October 2016, Brinston travelled to Bangkok for his Epidural Stimulation treatment after learning of the great progress Andrew Bell had made from the same procedure.

Brinston's Story
T3 Spinal Cord Injury Patient Steven - Epidural Stimulation



T3 Spinal Cord Injury


Steven, 23, was involved in a tragic accident while riding his motorcycle. After his parents did online research, they learnt about us and decided to reach out for a consultation.

Confident with the information they received and communication they had with the Patient Representative, they decided it would be best to seek the treatment available in Bangkok.

Steven's Story
Spinal Cord Injury Patient Andrew Valadka Epidural Stimulation



C6 Spinal Cord Injury


Andrew Valadka, from Chicago in the USA, had always been an active athlete who devoted a great deal of his time to sports and exercise.


However, his life dramatically changed when he got into an accident while playing American Football and broke his neck, leaving him with a C6 Spinal Cord Injury.

Andrew's Story
C4 Spinal Cord Injury Patient Payton - Epidural Stimulation



C4 Spinal Cord Injury


American patient Payton Smith’s life took a twist when he got into an accident that left him paralysed.


The C4 Spinal Cord Injury forced him into a wheelchair and took away his movements and sensation in his four limbs. He has also lost his control over his bowel and bladder movements.

Payton's Story
C5-C5 Spinal Cord Injury Patient Gabi - Epidural Stimulation



 C5-C6 Spinal Cord Injury


Gabi Razvan Iordache from Romania has spent 23 years of his life in a wheelchair ever since a diving accident that left him with a C5-C6 Spinal Cord Injury.


From an active person whose free time is devoted mainly to outdoor activities and doing exercises, this 39-year-old’s life is completely changed.

Gabi's Story



 C6-C7 Spinal Cord Injury


Jonathan Weir is a 23 year-old man from Northern Ireland who enjoyed an adventurous lifestyle going out and about on his bike until a twist of fate changed his life completely.


Whilst on a weekend trip with his friends doing the usual, Jonathan fell off his bike and broke his Spinal Cord at the C6-C7 level. As a result, of the accident, he completely lost all movements in his legs.

Jonathan's Story



 T7-T12 Spinal Cord Injury


A tragic car accident 8 years ago left Jeffrey Guest with a T7-T12 Spinal Cord Injury. This 29-year-old man from America, chose to stay determined and did not give up.


He started a fundraising campaign to undergo the Epidural Stimulation Surgery with Unique Access Medical in Bangkok. With the support of his family and loving friends, Jeffrey was successful with Fundraising and flew to Bangkok to undergo the surgery.




 C5-C6 Spinal Cord Injury


Randeep Rai, a 28 year-old man from Canada, has been adjusting to a lifestyle with a C5-C6 Spinal Cord Injury ever since he was involved in a life-changing accident in 2013.


As a result of the injury, Randeep has lost voluntary control over his limbs.




 T2 Spinal Cord Injury


Dr. Eric Schauvinhold is a 25 year-old Argentine patient whose life dramatically changed after he got into an accident that left him with a T2 Spinal Cord Injury where he lost control over the movements in his legs.


Through his profession and connection, Eric came to learn about Unique Access Medical and its Epidural Stimulation Procedure.




 C7 Spinal Cord Injury


Vishnu Agarwal’s life changed dramatically when he got into an accident that left him with a C7 Spinal Cord Injury. From a playful father to his two children, Vishnu’s condition hindered him from engaging in any more active activities.


Together with his wife, they flew to Bangkok to undergo the Epidural Stimulation Surgery after months of thorough research.




 C7 Spinal Cord Injury


Jesse Graham served in the US Air Force for as long as 15 years until a snowboarding accident left him with a C7 Spinal Cord Injury.


With his immense optimism and fighter spirit, Jesse did not give up easily. Instead, he sought for and found a treatment that has the potential to bring back what he used to have.




 T7 Spinal Cord Injury


Shantanu Sharma is a 22-year-old patient from Nepal whose life came to a dramatic twist when he got into an accident that fractured his Spinal Cord.


As a result, Shantanu sustained a T7 Spinal Cord Injury where he completely lost the voluntary movement in his lower limbs, as well as the control over his bladder and bowel movement.




 C5-C6 Spinal Cord Injury


Zech Carson’s life came to a dramatic twist when he sustained a C5-C6 Spinal Cord Injury following an unfortunate accident years ago. Now as a 41-year-old man, Zech’s hope for the future is not lost.


He discovered Epidural Stimulation Treatment, which is a breakthrough treatment he is confident could help him regain back some voluntary movements.

C5 Spinal Cord Injury Patient Jackson - Epidural Stimulation



 C5 Spinal Cord Injury


Jackson Sherry served in the American Navy until he got into an accident that left him with a C5 Spinal Cord Injury. Despite the physical challenge the incident imposed on him, this 25-year-old patient refused to let the injury prevent him from doing the activities he used to enjoy.


Jackson continues to swim, bike, wheelchair race, lift weights, and importantly, he continues to stay positive.

George Epidural Stimulation Treatment - Epidural Stimulation



 C5 Spinal Cord Injury


George Sebastian suffers from a C5 Spinal Cord Injury he sustained from an unfortunate road accident 3 years ago. This 22-year-old patient decided to travel all the way from Romania to undergo the Epidural Stimulation Procedure in Bangkok, hoping that it will bring upon positive changes to his life.


A few weeks into his Epidural Stimulation Surgery and Physiotherapy sessions, George knows that he has come to the right place.