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T7-T10 Spinal Cord Injury Patient Jeffrey - Epidural Stimulation


 T7-T10 Spinal Cord Injury

A tragic car accident 8 years ago left Jeffrey Guest with a T7-T10 Spinal Cord Injury. This 29-year-old man from America chose to stay determined and did not give up. He started a fundraising campaign to undergo the Epidural Stimulation Surgery with Unique Access Medical in Bangkok. With the support of his family and loving friends, Jeffrey was successful with Fundraising and flew to Bangkok to undergo the surgery.

Following the surgery, Jeffrey commenced with a series of extensive training and Rehabilitation sessions. Only after a few days, he was able to experience many improvements- he could move his ankles again after 8 years and this is just the beginning of the great progress he is yet to make.

Jeffrey’s biggest inspiration for coming to Bangkok to receive the Epidural Stimulation Procedure is his son. Seeing his son smile with joy on his face motivates him to move forward. According to Jeffrey, this breakthrough Epidural Stimulation Procedure has given him a chance to stand up and not let a wheelchair be the person that gets him around.

He wants to do that by himself, and he appreciates every support he has gained from the bottom of his heart.

Jeffrey’s Progress​

T7-T10 Spinal Cord Injury Patient Jeffrey from USA Shares His Progress After Epidural Stimulation.

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